Women should be careful! See beautiful girls wearing short, one man secretly recorded phone

China : Young teens are immoral critics by the social network players as he pull the phone to shoot directory under girls wearing short skirts in public.

Sources said on Friday a young teenager tried to walk closer to young women wearing shorts known as the female students at the University of Applied Sciences
in Shanghai, in order to harass her as they both were standing in line waiting for trains 2nd Station located in an underground railway. However, the youth man above were secretly recorded showing his activities and were posted into the social network until it gets a share over 2,000 times and suffered rod vocal critic from a commenter on social networks more than 4,000 opinions as well.
Through advertising on social network Weibo, the school claimed that unruly youth who was also a college student with a woman above.
Obviously, the school really regret and dissatisfaction with immoral conduct of this youth, which affect the school’s reputation.
In addition, the school has also condemned the actions of the young man and worked with law enforcement officials to investigate this case as well.

It should be highlighted that this is not the first time that has occurred in China.
Obviously , a lot of immoral conduct incessantly occurred in China on the subway or public crowds assess the country that people are really bad and also very immoral.

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