A woman has a new boyfriend cheating husband, was caught tied surprisingly (video)

India: What a shock that her husband dared to stretch beloved wife held her down, after knowing that his wife secretly has a new boyfriend betrayed him.

Through a video clip , which is a lot of interest on the network Internet showing the brutal action of the Indian man chained his wife , along with another man beaten her badly.
According to a video clip is suspected of punitive actions husband said his wife after she secretly committed adultery with a new boyfriend. Women in a husband, wife and the new boyfriend were wicked hands next to the pillar of the house and whips blow badly made her howl.

Sources said that the clip was posted into the social network by a man named Kundan Srivastava With raised his player social networking else that he sent it to him, and he was also unsure yet about the incident one.
After a video clip uploaded to social media, click access to more than 8 thousand times.

However, they still do not know exactly what this video is being investigated by the police or not , as Internet user criticism so much .


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