What benefits can a woman get from strength training?

What benefits can a women get from strength training?


Most women would prefer doing normal exercise at home, park or the gym. When they hear about strength training, it would scare them off as the idea of large, muscular body pops up in their heads. Before you take this reason as your own, let check out some benefits you get from the strength training first.
1. Having muscle does not only give you the strength and power but it can burn calories that you wish to get rid of. A few times a week of strength training does not harm you. Do you know that without doing any activities, one pound of muscle can burn around 6 to 13 calories a day?
2. Strength training, according to the research from The University of North Dakota, has been proven that it increases flexibility in your body.
3. Do not expect a quick result if you are looking for losing weight. This does not apply in strength training and so do others like medicine, supplementary food. Doing strength training does not really make you lose weight but it burns your visceral fat and gives you muscles. Remember that there is no quick way or shortcut for any best result.
4. Tired and exhausted after strength training? Actually it is good for you because you will get a very good and enough sleep.
5. With more and strong muscles, you can perform a lot better than before.
6. Strength training does give you a happy look and a good body image.
7. Besides a happy look on you, strength training provides you a sense of success because every time you do the training or work out you release endorphin, a substance released in your brain and helps make you feel relaxed and energetic.
8. Strength training makes you have a better sex life.

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