Want to know why you should be cautious around too polite people?

Want to know why you should be cautious around too polite people?


Have you ever had experiences of getting welcomed or greeted so well from the unknown or known person that is unusual to you? Did you feel that they are too polite to you? Did you have any suspicion when they did this to you? Of course, everyone will get suspicious about that strange polite in such a case that we hardly know one another.  Well, we deserve to be welcomed when we get to meet new people, but showing too much of it does not mean that we appreciate it too. Let see the explanation from the scientific study together about this attitude.

The research finding done by The Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Beijing states that this behavior hides the message of betrayal toward their peers or comrade.  The research did their experiment by setting people to contact with each other by dialoguing diplomatically. After a while, they noticed that sign of overly politeness appear through their tone.  The experiment did explain that somehow some countries employ this kind of behavior to their advantages.  If not known, that country will be put in jeopardy because clearly that message implies opposite meaning.  Surprisingly, a computer also gave 57% of betrayal of that experiment.

However, this one study does not give a complete explanation to the whole world and it cannot be regarded as the reliable data to be used to apply in general. More researches have to be done to support this claim.  Therefore, it means that if you meet a person who is overly polite to you, it does not necessarily mean that that guy is a hypocrite or manipulative, bad and betray person.  But it is better to know something rather than not.

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