The key to creating happiness and eternal love

It’s like the same thing that I always say and show about the happiness, because this word is a method that some people use them for many advantages from the person who crazy and passionate with it.

So today I want to tell you that happiness is not the one thing that others can give to us, and we cannot give it to others too , because we make it by our own . So what is happiness?
In fact, happiness is not something that can be caught, because it is a feeling or an underlying sense that occur in individuals. It’s just as a feeling that can stimulate our organisms to perceive anything by our sense.

From the different viewpoint of happiness, it occurs through external objects , such as wealth , power, until some people think that power is everything that can make happiness.
But the question is that the wealthy and the rich does not have any concerns or problems at all?
In fact , they may be the kind of person who enjoy with their lifestyle because they have money and don’t have debts but it’s still not in the properties of happiness .

Textual content of Happiness , published on by the Buddhist construed happiness are 2 types :

1- Happiness is followed by external reserve depends on object.
External objects are often called “Amis” including all the people around too. If not, all of this also make distressed and unhappy. Our happiness and unhappiness is depend on the external things and we cannot live happily if have no these things. This happiness cannot last long, as it depend on the externality only.
2- The happiness that comes from our own heart without any external dependencies such as honors, reputation, regard, and praise.
Overall, there is a way that can increase happiness in life such as wealth, money, or famousness. But people can be happier if they reach self-sacrificing, self-devotion, lose greed, jealousy, envy and they will find a high level of happiness in life. This call “Baromasokha”.

Finally, happiness is not everyone can find it, even though it always in the soul of every man , because the search for happiness , it requires a person to do it with patience and in ordering manner with the right way also.

So please stop believing in the promise that happiness comes from outside alone. Here, let me tell you that happiness is in our hands already!

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