The most popular brand, Victorinox, in Switzerland and Europe has arrived Cambodia

Nowadays most people prefer to use certain brands of expatriates because when using high brand product have made them confident in the use and dignity.
Meanwhile, there are also many brands are circulating in the country that make it difficult to choose for value and life quality.
In this time, Central Mall will showcase one of the most famous brands in foreign countries to the fans who prefer to use high brands, which is the brand Victorinox.

For this brand Victorinox sells menswear, suit, jacket, sweater, pants, suitcases, watches, knives, etc. , which are all good quality products.
For brand Victorinox has been recognized as a brand that can guarantee the best quality of life and not have any problems while using it, but it can say that reasonably acceptable price. Moreover, for the modern man in many countries, they are always popular and enjoy with Victoriana, since it’s a brand that provides dignity and can be used for years that truly deserves.

Central Mall is the store selling only goods brand products of  Victorinox and high quality that can fit your credibility and trust. Moreover, the goods you buy most often provides insurance services, as determined by the product standard.



All friends can find shops Central Mall – Phnom Penh , which has an address on the corner of West Market and for further information , please contact us at 023 966 300 and follow the Facebook page .

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