Sweet love between the couple with the lowest height in the world are well known in the Internet

Brazil: Some people always imagined that people with high handsome appearance of obstruction suited to be their prospective mate and partner. Separately, looking to the couple with a height of the lowest in the world, almost less than a meter in the Brazil, is making a history, many are surprised and fascinated both jealous, and both admire them, regardless of the physical property outside or words reproach bad about their surroundings.
According to sources, reported that the couple are you from Brazil, and a height of the lowest in the world where a male partner named Mr. Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros , 30, height 34.8 protein network ( maybe 0.88 meters ), while a couple of her , she Katyucia Hoshino , 26, height 35.2 protein network ( maybe 0.89 meters )
According to the medical context, they both had a decease called “Dwarfism” that make their physical condition to be smaller than normal or lower height.
Sources related to the love story between the two also be revealed that they met together through social media, which last more than 10 years ago and so far, Valentine sweetheart and the love is still exist for each other exactly , and they decided to live together.
Meanwhile, Paulo today serves as a legal secretary, while his lover Katyucia owner is editing and publishing TV Beauty Salon only.

Moreover, according to the response between the couple with a height of less than a meter, with the hope and confidence that will satisfy the conditions registered in Guinness World Records “Guinness Book of World Records” in the near future, too.
Meanwhile, according to some of Paulo related to his love story told, ‘ … the first time I saw her she was the most beautiful one. I just want woo her, but I ‘m doing this is real love does not have any bad intentions on her. But, she texted me back, but she seem think that I am a man who boring…”
However, according to her description Katyucia said first of Chartered started chatting with him, I found that he is really one of the very boring. She added , ‘ … but then one day I met any problem and bad feeling in my brain , and I began to open mind with him.
And then I know that he was a man who had a good relationship until we have today across scrapped too many times”.
Katyucia added that ‘ … the target in the future , I want to marry and have a happy family , and we want to have our own home and have a lovely dog and although we have children or no , I still happy , that’s what I want .”


















Photos from: Mailonline

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