Surprise ! The 19 – year – old mother gave birth to a baby weighing 6.8 . The world ‘s heaviest baby

India: According to sources, the woman’s 19 – year – old mother gave birth to a baby girl weighing up to 6.8 kg , equivalent to the weight of children aged 6 months.

The baby, who was not named yet, was born by Cesarean section on Monday, May 23, 2016.
While the mother who was called Nandini, surprised by the size of her first child.

Meanwhile, newborn babies weigh up to 6.8 kg breaks old world record baby’s name Carisa Rusack birth weigh up to 6.5 kilograms of Massachusetts in the United States in 2014.
Health officials in the region, Mr. Venkatesh Raju said in my 25 years of experience, he have never seen such a big baby. She is a miracle … I believe she is not just a baby that weighed heaviest in India, but also a heavy weight babies in the world now. The baby has really made a surprise to her family and doctors also because of her huge and heavy weigh.
It is said that she, Nandini, was the mother of the baby is weighing 94 kg and a height of 1.75 meters , while her weight has revealed that her glucose levels high , but the doctor confirmed that she does not have diabetes , which usually causes newborns in new obesity or too fat.
However, heavy – weight babies and huge build is receiving care in the hospital, while doctors are monitoring and control over further developments before being allowed to leave hospital.

Dr. Poornima Manu, gynecological specialists, who participated in helping to give birth to her mother, Nandini, said “the baby was born with a big surprise for all of us. Surgery has spent nearly half an hour without any risk occurred. She was really big and beautiful”.
Dr Poornima Manu added “She did not have health problems, such as glucose levels fluctuate irregularly or thyroid gland problems, nothing … and breathe normally.
We ‘ve been worried about her blood sugar levels , but it’s simple, there no problem.
Both mother and baby are healthy, and we will allow them to leave the hospital to go home when we have confidence in the health of the baby”.
Note that Nandini is married to her husband, Arun, for 2 years and are very excited to welcome their first child.


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