Smoothie recipe for people who want slim body

Smoothie recipe for people who want slim body

All who want to lose weight have experienced going on a diet. We know that the task you do to lose weight is not easy. But hard work does pay off. Put food aside in this part, we would like to recommend some smoothies which also benefit to all people wanting to lose weight.

Blueberry Smoothie

This smoothie is so magical for weight loss and the recipe is very simple. All you need is blueberry, milk and flaxseed oil. It is tasty too. That’s not all. You can add some ingredients of your own like almond and yogurt.


Banana Smoothie

There is not only banana in this smoothie, but peanut butter is also in the mixture.  It is tasty and energetic while its benefit is an effective weight loss.


Chocolate Smoothie

Raspberry mixed with chocolate, it has turned into amazing taste you have ever experience.  The color even makes you crave for more.


Peach Smoothie

While other smoothies are mixed with at least two different stuffs, this one use only peach. Don’t underestimate its taste before you give it a sip.  It is not only important for weight loss but it is good for your liver and kidney too.


Apple and Ginger Smoothie

Well, after a drink of this smoothie, you will experience refreshing feelings.


Mango Smoothie

While we call it Mango Smoothie, ironically it does have another ingredient in it. Look at the picture and make a guess.  It is a healthy and tasty drink for you.  And don’t forget another benefit you want; it is weight loss.


Pumpkin and Banana Smoothie

Pumpkin alone can put you in good mood and it is special drink for a cold day, let alone banana flavor in it. Now, you may be already mouthwatering for this healthy drink.


Pineapple smoothie

Besides helping you lose weight, it helps digest food in your stomach.  Note that it is very special tropical drink in the warm weather. So enjoy it!



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