Shocked! Twins born with the same waist, only 2 feet and only one genital

India: Indian woman recently gave birth to two twins, but unfortunately the baby, it was different from the other twin baby, causing the mother very disheartened.
According to news sources reported that the mother named Shivrajo Devi, 24, gave birth to two twin sisters at a private maternity clinic in the city Buxar of Bihar, India.
But what is remembered not unexpectedly that both twins have only a pair of legs together while there are 2 different pairs of hands.

Photos from: Mail Online
After the baby is born twin has a deteriorating situation that requires rushed to Sadar Hospital for Children in the town to take a closer medical care and attention by doctors, too, right now they have a stable condition.
However, their parents must send them to a larger hospital in Delhi to get the treatment more.
According to the words of Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta at Sadar Hospital for Children, said that two babies, have the same straight waist and reproductive organs, that we can see clearly that it is the female reproductive organs. But even if the baby’s genitals appear only warm – up, however, and we can analyze and question the face of another baby, a boy, and this is a rare case, usually twins are born homosexual only.
For the parents of the baby Unfortunately this was that they were both spouses decide will take their children both go home because not enough to pay for travel, as well as higher costs on treatment of medical as well.

According to the mother was told that I could not believe at all that my beloved child was born, would be so. I was heartbroken and I hope that doctors will be able to save the lives of my two children, but the medical team leave them and seem to ignore, I do not know what has happened to both of them in the future. However, according to the men’s , the husband of Shivrajo is he Chhota Singh , 30, a factory worker who earns 60 pounds (after about 87 US dollars) per month mentioned that he was absolutely shocked so much that the hospital ignored and no attention for this.
He said, ‘ Sure, I always take my pregnant wife to check regularly during pregnancy. We were very excited but twins born do not like as we think.
The doctor advised us to send two children to the hospital and more advanced in Delhi and said that we should borrow from others to get them there.
But I said that there no need any treatment”.
The current that is not sure that the status of the two babies, but said some of Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta, both babies would be better, just that it is a difficult situation when they’re adults only.

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