Quick and healthy breakfasts you can replace your normal cereals

Quick and healthy breakfasts you can replace your normal cereals

We know that you have got a very busy life. Even spending time to make breakfast does not sound right to you. But start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast can make your whole day refreshing.  Choosing cereal may become your choice for breakfast, but be aware about its sugar and fat, which can lead you to risk of blood sugar crashes.  We have narrowed down some quick and healthy breakfasts that can take you around 10 to 20 minutes, but they will be worth of your time.



Egg mixed with vegetables will keep you from hunger till your next meal because egg is rich in protein, while vegetables provide a lot of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Instruction:  Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet. Beat your eggs in a bowl and pour it into the hot pain but cook in a medium heat till the eggs are done.  Put the fried egg aside, start fry your vegetables such as mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes. Put those on the fried egg and fold it.

Fruit Salad


Of course, fruit can be your choice of breakfast if you don’t mind. You may use variety of fruit for your own benefit, such as banana, kiwi, pomegranate, and grapefruit. Whole fruit is better than juice because it is rich in fiber.

Instruction: Mixed at least 3 different kinds of sliced or chopped fruit.


Pita Bread

This is quick and easy breakfast you can make, but it provides much benefit. First of all pita breads contain much fiber. It is necessary to keep your blood sugar stable. With vegetables to this breakfast, it is the healthiest food.
Instruction: You can choose your own dipping. There are a variety of mixture you can do, lean ham and spinach, scrambled egg and mushroom, hummus and salsa, or chicken and avocado. Tomato and lightly fried tofu can be the best choice too.

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