Need weight loss? These easy-nine tips will help you and they are painless

Need weight loss? These easy-nine tips will help you and they are painless

Doing exercise and going on diets are one of the common ways of losing weight of most people. That seems to be painful, not painless since you have to give up your favorite food and spend energy on doing exercise. After talking to weight loss experts, we have summarized the top 9 tips that are painless for you and they can be more effective than the common ways.


       a. Add more food items, not less

If going on a diet is not good, then why not adds more items of food you really like, like deep-red cherries, juicy grapes, peas and other types of cereals?  Be alert with rich-calorie food. We suggest you do the physical work too, like dancing, walking or riding bike.

       b. No need to work out

Doing exercise is tiring. That’s why people try to avoid doing it even though it seems to provide benefits.  There are other ways you can do it with fun too. And sure enough, they can burn your calories and invigorate your muscles.  To list a few, you can go skiing, dancing, riding, and chasing the dog.

       c. Cut down calories on your favorite food

Of course you can still enjoy your favorite food. But what you need to do is just reducing or switching them to lower calorie food. For example, if you like pizza, why not asking for the less fat cheese one.

       d. Water can help in your weight loss

Don’t believe this? Let hear from David Anthony, an information technology consultant, talk about how it helps, “Drinking a glass of water before a meal helps me watch I eat…I don’t just hog everything, since I’m not so hungry.”


       e. Split food with your partner

Splitting meal is beneficial when there is massive of food on your plate.  It saves you money and prevents you from gaining weight.

       f. Enjoy your TV show while doing physical work

People love watching TV but they sit and watch, and that does not do any good on them. Instead of watching your favorite TV show and sitting on the chair, why not doing this while you are doing some activities? For instance, watching TV while dance to your favorite music, or riding your stationery bike.

        g. Plate size does really matter

Serving food with large plate make you feel that you do not eat enough. With the same amount of food on smaller flat, it would tell you that you eat a lot and enough today.  Well, this shows that it is not your stomach that is craving for food but your feelings of not eating enough that is.

        h. What if your weight loss techniques make you bored at last?

If you think that your weight loss techniques make you bored, then get involved in something. Take a break from those activities, then starting doing different. Some people may like painting, doing yoga.

        i. Patience needed

This final step suggests you to be patient. Though the above steps aren’t all painless, but they are effective when you are committed about them.

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