A man having money in the UAE spent $ 5 million just to buy a car number plate

UAE : It’s almost become commonplace , and most people , especially businessmen at the Federation of Arab Emirates ( UAE ) use popular items , rare and strange , no matter how expensive .
For example, recently, a businessman spent nearly $ 5 million bid to buy a car number plate.
According to sources, said that the businessman, a famous named Arif Ahmed al-Zarouni as he live in the United Arab Emirates has tried to auction compete with many others bidding for license plates, a special by paying up to 3.4 million pounds ( 4.8 million dollars ) , it said.
According to additional reports that Arif bid auction of 18 times before decided to become a special license plates, and they can know that it’s number plate with the number “1 “. Meanwhile, Arif Ahmed al-Zarouni said, “My ambition is always to be No. 1 forever”.
The price which a merchant this bid for number plates were approximately 5 million dollars , however it is not worth one of the highest out as they can remember that in 2008 the number plate special royal and billionaire in the United Arab Emirates used to work at auction sold out more than $ 14 million as well. In fact the businessman Arif auction that ranks No. 3 among special plates in the world.
Underlined that the special license plates federal United Arab Emirates are expensive and need to make competitive bids for acquisition. That they know that popular special license plates , such as 12 , 22 , 50 , 100, 333, 777 , 1000 , 2016 , 2020 , and 99999 , etc.

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