Losing Belly Fat in just 14 days without going on diet

Losing Belly Fat in just 14 days without going on diet

Going on a diet for a month or two does not sound good for a lot of people.  They cannot suffer any longer in this method. We need to find a better way to lose weight.  And now we do have a better and effective way for those who really want to lose fat on their body.  Let dig together of those ways.

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A brisk walk before breakfast can help

This technique has been proved effective already. Martha dropped almost 20 pounds in just 6 weeks on this program.  

        Begin with oatmeal

Isabel lost 13 pounds by eating oatmeal in her Belly Fat Lose Program. A checkup on her after 6 weeks revealed that her cholesterol dropped by 25 percent and her glucose level by 10 percent.

Red over green

We do not talk about color, but we refer to the fruit you choose to eat. For instance, choosing red grapes over green ones.  Anthocyanins give red fruits their red color and they help cool the action of fat-storage genes.

Avocado is a weight loss medicine

The 55-year-old lost 6 pounds on this program. Research states that eating a half of avocado with lunch can decrease your desire for foods for hours.

        Plant protein shake

According to a 29-year-old man who experienced practicing on this program for 6 weeks, he lost 19 pounds and 6 inches from his waist.

Egg energy

A breakfast with an egg and sweet potatoes is the number-one dietary source of nutrient and without harmful effect on your weight-loss program. A female firefighter lost 11 pounds and four inches from eating this breakfast for just 3 weeks.

Mixed sliced-fruit water

Drink the water of mixed lemons, oranges or grapefruits each day, maybe before you go to bed.  These types of fruit are rich in antioxidant that fight toxin in your body and prevent against your big belly.

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