How to stay focus and be serious about your weight loss resolution

How to stay focus and be serious about your weight loss resolution


People make New Year resolution every time because they know that it is for their own good. But the question is how long can you keep your New Year resolution? It is hard for everyone because you need to change from what you are doing every day.  See our tips on how to keep your weight loss resolution.

Never get near the scale.  Most people expect a quick result from what they have done and when it is not what they have expected; they give up.  That’s why you should not get near the scale. Remember that to lose weight, it is a long process.

Eat before you shop.  You may already know the reason, right? Let check if you have the same reason.  When your stomach is full, even if you see a tasty food in front of you, there is very small percentage that you are going to eat that food. This really prevents you from gaining weight.

Work out with friends.  Spending time doing some activities is also important for weight loss besides going on a diet.  But it is not really an inspiring activity. That’s why you should do that with your friends because you will absolutely enjoy it.

Set goal. Setting goals is good because you will see your achievement. But set realistic goals only. For example, when you have never worked out at all before, your first goal is to walk for 10 minutes for the first day.  We are sure that you can do it, right? Of course, this is an achievable goal. But run for 1 hour for your first day as a workout is not the one, and if you can do it, you are going to give it up the next day.

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