How to make your child smarter

How to make your child smarter


Research shows that kids’ development from generation to one generation is faster.  Though the study shows the positive result about your kids’ intelligence, you also have to play a role to make sure that your kid is on the right track.  Here are some tips for you.

Engage your kids to sports

Being active is a very healthy lifestyle.  Do you know that active kids who play sports regularly can pick up new words 20% faster?

Get some tasks for your kids

It does not mean make your kids work, but rather it means make them involve in some of small chore like baking, knitting.  This is a kind of active learning for your kids. By doing this little things at home, your kid will not have trouble going through their early education or following instruction from their teachers.

No interruption

Find out about your child’s interest and help them do it. This is a support and encouragement you can give to them so that they have a tendency of keep going and never giving up. It also stimulates their creativity.

Give your child enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is very beneficial to the kids. It is related to their brain development and child learning ability. A nap is also necessary for a child.

Praise them

Your kid surely will have experience of wanting to give up something they don’t do well. Instead of blaming them, you may use the praising words to encourage them to try again and again. Though, they may fail many times, never make them feel bad about themselves.

Make a happy environment in the house

Though you may feel bored or stressful from work, you should not display your feeling in front of your kid. Instead, be cheerful and happy parents. Do something fun or spend a happy time with your child is very important.  When your child has positive feeling, they can learn better.

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