Foods you need to keep an eye on when your kids enjoy them

Foods you need to keep an eye on when your kids enjoy them


Pizza, cookies, fruit snacks, muffins, all these stuffs are your kids’ favorite, right? Well, they are tasty and very popular among kids, but all parents should know what are the affects your kids may have by enjoying those foods very often. So here is a list of disadvantages some of junk foods and our recommendation.

Chips:  don’t get confused if chips are called “veggie chips”. They may be made of vegetable powder, but they have different value. Chips are still chips, or we call them junk foods. Real veggies are recommended.

Drinks: Don’t fool yourself into believing the ads about some drinks such as Gatorade, Propel and Capri Sun, claiming they contain no artificial ingredients and less sugar, or sometimes states that they are the best alternative to soda. In reality, a bottle of this drink will yield over 50 grams of sugar.  Water is a better choice.

Cereal bars: Cereal does not sound bad at all, does it? Well, it doesn’t. But the manufacturers make it does.  We know that kids enjoy sweetness in their snacks. So to attract more kids to their products, they have done something that is unusual to foods you never expect. For substitution, wheat toast, nut butter and jam are good.

Juice: Fruit juices are important for your kids while they are having breakfast. That’s not the wrong explanation. But it misses something in it. Actually, fruit juices lack fiber in them. That’s why we would like to recommend the whole fruit instead.

Veggie puffs: This food is even worse than the veggie chips. If your child is so crazy about this food, let them try the potato fries as the substitution. Though it is not the best choice, but it is better since fried potato has Vitamin A, B6 and magnesium.  

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