What are the factors that make the teenager ran away from home ?

Adolescence is a stage with confusion and manipulation. At that age, most teenagers face challenges and many problems with their families.
And as a result, they may even run away from home as well. So what is the reason that they decided to do this?
1. The birth of a child in the house

Most teenagers feel uncomfortable with the birth of their new brother or sister.
They may not admit to such feelings, but they may be jealous of the division felt in the family.
Moreover, if they are not able to face this situation, they will run out of the house to express their pain.

2. The use of violence in the family

Most of the teenagers who ran away from home is because of this reason.
They get a sense of intimidation and cannot help to place this issue in the family so they decided to run away from home.
It may be related to the problem of violence, both physical and mental.
However, this situation may affect the teenager’s mental status.

3. Parents have alcohol or drugs

If they have parents who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it certainly affected badly to teenagers.
Many children ran out of their houses because they face this reason. They cannot accept the fact that their father or mother who was addicted to alcohol and drugs.
4. Financial problems

Generally, financial concerns might also affect a child’s mental also.
Due to this reason, they may decide to leave the house. So have the guidelines say that parents should not talk about the family’s finances problem to their children hear. It would be a very negative impact on their mental.

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