So disappointed ! To prepare a birthday invite friends to participate in the day but no one come

US: What a pity for teenage girls, a 18 – year -old effort to spend their birthday celebrated in beautiful day and inviting friends and classmates to take part as a result has only made her frustrated and cry alone.
According to sources, said Hallee Sorenson is a teenage girl who had a difficult relationship with others, and she is a resident of the city of Bangor, Maine.
This indicates that in July last year, she has celebrated her birthday 18th birthday and also invite friends, classmates and friends, many others whom she knew to celebrate the program.
But something unexpected, he found no one to attend that reason could be caused by anyone don’t like her attitude.

allee , Ms. Allyson Seel-Sorenson told that he stole photography daughter loved his helmet birthday sat weeping disheartening despair alone in front cake because she did not know that it will be done about after found friends, anyone coming to her program.
Ms. Seel-Sorenson continued the verge of that ‘ … I went and plot hiding in the rear pillar near the girl’s crying and I took pictures of them sent to my husband watched by asking whether I should do well for this one ?’ .

She added that ‘my daughter Hallee she just wanted to celebrate birthday gathering with her friends again, to have fun than pre That is why I, as a mother and dad, we allowed her to do it to fulfill her wish, but a final result turned to her friends ignore her without anyone to participate in that program, and she was great and high hopes before.”

Despite stories, this one has passed nearly 1 year and yet Photos sad along with the pillar mentioned read and almost in tears instead it was just posted into the social networking site Facebook with her cousin, and after a show the mother the girl anymore, that makes netizens social networks, many are interested and pity Hallee greatly by everyone, wrote a message on her and hoped she would never lonely as last year

It should be reminded that the reason they posted pictures Hallee into the social network is to that, he just wanted to express feeling under great sadness of Hallee hoping to have her friends were celebrating in the program her birthday this year, approaching the arrival next month only, while the mother Hallee told aware that he will prepare the ceremony a good to his daughter for the year, so she is very sad, like last year again.


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photos from: news.asiantown

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