Benefits from eating bananas

Benefits from eating bananas



If banana is one of your favorite fruits, then keep going. It is very beneficial to your health. This does not include the skin that can be used to your advantage too.

Natural sugar

If you are looking for something sweet to boost your energy, banana is the best choice. It contains its natural sugar. Have you noticed that the more bananas are ripening, the sweeter they are?  This means that it is rich in sugar when it goes ripening.  If you want to slow down the process, just put it in your fridge.  According to the study, banana help maintain good feelings.  It has tryptophan compound, a precursor to serotonin, which exists in brain that helps create positive feelings.


Potassium is very important in your body.  Stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure can’t get near you when there is enough potassium level in your blood.  Banana contains high potassium.


Your body needs antioxidants to fight against cancer and other chronic diseases.  Your choice to prevent yourself from these diseases is to eat banana since it has antioxidants compounds.

Weight loss

Not only does banana shield you from diseases, but it can also help you lose weight.  Because banana is rich in fiber, you may not get hungry very soon after eating a bunch of it.

Banana skin

While we have talked a lot about the flesh, let see what we can do with banana skin.  After watching the video below, throwing banana skin may not be your habit again.  Do you know its peel can relieve pain, maintain skin hydration, treats warts, soothe bug bites and whiten your teeth?

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