Being alone is beneficial, according to the research

Being alone is beneficial, according to the research


In this modern era, with an advanced technology, people busy themselves with electronic devices such as smart phone, tablets, computer, TV and so on.  Therefore, people nowadays are not really alone when they say that they are alone at home.  This article, however, will cover the topic “alone”, not “lonely” since these terms have different meaning.  While the word alone sometimes creates a negative sense on some people, the research has revealed that it does provide benefits.

  1. Being alone can provide the time for you to relax and get back your energy you have spent for the whole day. Working people are so busy with their meeting, phone call, replying email, shopping, taking care of children etc. These are the stressful and tiring things for those people. Actually, if those people can find their time alone, they can clear their thought, get energetic, and gain more focus. You may choose a 10-minute-bath alone, a 15-minute meditation, or a few moments enjoying with the nature.
  2. Being alone can give people time to think, so creativity happens during that time. Our idea flows itself when we stay alone, while work in group doing brainstorming is beneficial to some extent. Most people would not dare to express their idea to others because people are judgmental about those things.
  3. Being along can make people get their tasks more done. Because you usually pay more attention on the tasks since it is you’re responsibility.  In group, people are likely to be reliant.
  4. Being alone can build up more of your intimacy. A time to be alone by yourself will give you a deep perspective on your life and relationship, and a break from socialization. But when you come back, that relationship is stronger.
  5. Being alone gives you the freedom of your time. Sometimes it is hard for some people to find their own private time, especially people with a family. They want some of their own quality time to do something they want to do alone.

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