5 tips on making your posture look good

5 tips on making your posture look good


The way you stand, sits or walk is important since this is also the way you give people your impression.  Besides, it does affect your health as bad posture can lead to discomfort and injury. Below we would like to introduce you 5 easy tips to fix your posture.

  1. Use the mirror

Look into the mirror and see if your palms your face your thighs when you stand with your hands down. If it does, it means that you already have good standing posture.  But if you need to fix your posture, you can move your head backward with the movement of your shoulders down and back so that your chest seems to stick out.

  1. Exercise to improve your spine

Your spine is one major factor affecting your posture. Doing some exercise regularly to make your core/spine strong.  Check out the guides on how to work out on your spine.

  1. Do some yoga

A six-minute of yoga does provide you a lot of benefit. Search for any yoga instructor online, but we like to recommend an online instructor named Adriene.

  1. Squat

The correct ways of squatting are: 1). Knees, hips and toes face forward. 2). Buttock is above your knees 3).  Your knees should not go beyond your toes. 4). Lift your chest and move your shoulders back and down. 5). Make your back neutral. 6). Feet and knees point straight forward. 7). Even your shoulders, hip and knees.  8). Pull in your abdominal muscle.

  1. Be alert of sitting too long

When you sit for long time, your body is relaxed; then your shoulders are slumped and your back becomes curved. That’s why you need to be conscious about your sitting. Make a movement every 20 or 30 minutes after sitting. You may need an alarm or gadget to help tell the time.

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