10 easy ways to lose weight

10 easy ways to lose weight

To lose weight is not an easy task. You have to take discipline and sweat yourself a lot while keep checking the calories you take daily. These are tough and not easy steps to lose weight.  Take a look at these 10 and easy ones that you can do. They do not need you to do all of those things mentioned above.

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     A. A glass of water before meal

With a glass of water before each meal, you do not eat much food because you feel full already.

     B. Make a switch

Instead of going for something with lots of calories, you can try something with less of them.  For example, you can eat fresh fruit rather than dried one.

     C. Dark chocolate as a dessert

Substitute your dessert with dark chocolates as they are not rich of sugar.

     D. Be aware of food portion

At every meal you have, keep it to the right portion you are supposed to. Use smaller plate during your meal since it helps make you feel satisfied with the amount of food you have.

     E. Make physical move

Though working out is not your choice, you can do it other ways and they are effortless. Taking some walk in your office during break and taking a stair instead of a lift can help burn down your calories.

     F. Avoid calories drinks

A little this and that of soda, juice and wine can add up to the amount of calories you take. Just stick to water as your drink.

     G. Don’t starve yourself

Eat well-timed meals and snacks to keep your level of sugar right to its proportion.

     H. Choosing high-protein snacks

Chips and crackers are not the right snacks for weight loss. Go for the high protein and fiber-rich ones that can satisfy your need while still keeping you on your weight loss project.

    I. Light and early dinner

Make your dinner to be 25% of your daily calories.  You should also eat your dinner 3 or 4 hours before your bedtime.

     J. Sleep more not less

Not getting enough sleep can make you hungry for food and tired of doing some exercises. At least 7 hours of sleep every night is good for want-to-lose-weight people.  

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